Here you can learn more about the unique surface coating technology by HEYDAY’S s for the Lignum-tech mouthpieces.Finally, a high-performance surface coating (organic anorganic hybrid polemer*) by HEYDAY’S ® ( is applied to all Lignum-tech mouthpieces protecting
them permanently. The coating is applied to the complete mouthpiece (inside and outside).


- Resistant to moisture, saliva, enzyme, acids etc.
- Consistently good musical performance
- Glass-like, firm, smooth surface
- Coat has only a few micrometers
- Causes no allergic reaction / protects from immediate contact with wood and from natural recycled fibre stock that could cause allergic reactions
- Easy to clean
- No periodical lubrication necessary

* The chemical structure is like glass (anorganic polemer (macromolecule) of SiO2), but has greater flexibility e.g. through its organic co-polemer.
Hybrid = Composition/Mixture

We recommend desinfecting mouthpieces regularly with HEYDAY'S - mp refresh/wood.

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