The time has come. After a long phase of development and many test stages I am now in the position to present to you a series of
Lignum-tech trumpet /flugelhorn / trombone / euphonium and tuba mouthpieces. Experience a completely new
sense of playing and be inspired by the exotic woods and their unique sound.

African Blackwood Wood is among the finest ebony woods of the world. Using them and their pleasant consistence and temperature y
ou can expand the spectre of the tone color. At the same time you will experience a comfort on your lips never felt before.
Let your audience experience what it means to play a mouthpiece from a both exotic and “living” material and add vibrancy 
to your tone. Your audience will be excited and so will you, of course. Every single mouthpiece that is made from our woods is one-of-a-kind!

Lignum-tech is a wooden mouthpiece that has been created of one piece completely – grace to modern technology.
We write “Quality” with a capital “Q”. Well-known companies in the specialty tools section build the necessary equipment
we need for Lignum-tech mouthpieces according to precise descriptions. We manufacture the mouthpieces in accurate
swabian artisan single-unit production.

Finally, a high-performance surface coating (organic anorganic hybrid polemer) by HEYDAY’s ( is applied
to all exotic wood mouthpieces protecting them permanently.